Does QuickCal provide the option to accept deposits for bookings?

In QuickCal, you can choose to accept payments for bookings, which can be for the booking itself, or for a related product or service. This linked article outlines how that works.

Depending on the business, sometimes you may want to accept a deposit at the time of booking instead of the full purchase price.

The QuickCal plugin connects with WooCommerce for the payments functionality, and while deposits are not a core feature in the plugin, there are multiple extensions for WooCommerce which can be used to add deposit functionality. Here are some examples:

In QuickCal, the product / payment options are selected as part of the booking process, which then leads to either the Cart or Checkout page. So as long as the add-on plugin allows for the deposit to be selected on the Cart or Checkout page, then that should be fully compatible.

Here are a few plugins that state that they include the option to select the deposit option on the Cart and/or Checkout page: