Is it possible to create a recurrence of appointments from the admin interface?

In terms of inputting the appointment time slots to be available for booking, yes the slots are recurring in the sense that you can create a slot on Thursday at 1:00pm, and that slot will be available every Thursday at 1:00pm.

However in terms of booking a slot, each booking is for one slot. At this time there isn’t an option in the plugin to make a recurring booking for every Thursday at once, for example. Each booking is for a specific day at a specific time.

The backend admin interface does however make it quicker to input bookings as apposed to the frontend, so adding bookings over numerous weeks or months could be done relatively quickly. If you go to the backend calendar and select a day, it’s just a couple clicks to select the client and add an appointment booking, which could be repeated to schedule for instance for 6 months out.