Why do I have to buy QuickCal if I have already purchased Booked?

We understand your frustration regarding the need to pay for a replacement plugin after the last one was abandoned. It’s never easy to invest more in a product, especially when you’ve already made an initial purchase. However, I’d like to shed some light on why this decision was made and why we believe it’s necessary. […]

Why buy QuickCal even though it came bundled in a theme?

🚀 Unlock the Full Potential of QuickCal: Get Your Standalone Copy Today! 🚀 Are you using QuickCal as a bundled plugin from a theme or are you using “Booked – Appointment Booking” as part of a bundle? It’s time to level up your WordPress experience by purchasing QuickCal directly from us. Here’s why you should […]

Can I buy a license for 2 sites or will I have to buy the same plugin twice?

Thank you for reaching out with your question about our licensing options for QuickCal. We appreciate your interest in our plugin. To address your question, our licensing policy requires one license per domain name where you intend to use the plugin. So, if you plan to use QuickCal on two different sites, you would need […]