Does QuickCal provide the option to accept deposits for bookings?

In QuickCal, you can choose to accept payments for bookings, which can be for the booking itself, or for a related product or service. This linked article outlines how that works. Depending on the business, sometimes you may want to accept a deposit at the time of booking instead of the full purchase price. The […]

Is it possible to translate the calendar into a different language?

We’re delighted to inform you that QuickCal is indeed translation-ready, allowing you to seamlessly translate the calendar into different languages to cater to your global audience. To make the translation process as smooth as possible, we recommend using a free and user-friendly plugin called Loco Translate. This plugin will simplify the task of translating QuickCal […]

Can I upgrade from Booked to QuickCal in a WordPress Multisite (aka WordPress Network) environment?

Absolutely, you can easily upgrade from “Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress” to “QuickCal – Appointment Booking Calendar for WordPress” within a WordPress multisite environment. QuickCal is fully compatible with WordPress multisite, ensuring a smooth transition. When you make the switch to QuickCal, you won’t lose any of the options or features you’ve been using […]

Why do I have to buy QuickCal if I have already purchased Booked?

We understand your frustration regarding the need to pay for a replacement plugin after the last one was abandoned. It’s never easy to invest more in a product, especially when you’ve already made an initial purchase. However, I’d like to shed some light on why this decision was made and why we believe it’s necessary. […]

Is the QuickCal plugin compatible with Divi theme builder?

Yes, the QuickCal plugin seamlessly integrates with the Divi theme builder. In fact, QuickCal is purpose-built for compatibility with a wide array of WordPress themes, both free and premium, as well as an extensive range of WordPress plugins. It boasts full compatibility with all major WordPress Page Builders, including Divi Builder, ensuring a hassle-free integration […]

Why buy QuickCal even though it came bundled in a theme?

🚀 Unlock the Full Potential of QuickCal: Get Your Standalone Copy Today! 🚀 Are you using QuickCal as a bundled plugin from a theme or are you using “Booked – Appointment Booking” as part of a bundle? It’s time to level up your WordPress experience by purchasing QuickCal directly from us. Here’s why you should […]

Does this booking system work with Paystack Gateway?

Yes, the QuickCal booking system is compatible with the Paystack Gateway. It can be integrated seamlessly through one of the many WooCommerce payment gateways. When using QuickCal, you have the option to set up paid services or products and facilitate the checkout process through WooCommerce. This means you can leverage the extensive range of payment […]